Défi Adrénaline à Rennes Betton en Bretagne Eko mascotte foret adrenaline accrobranche tyrolienne parc aventure

The park is open from April to November !

Wednesdays, weekends, school holidays of department, the park is open from 2 pm to 6.30 pm. We conduct departures at 2, 2.30, 3, 3.30 and 4 pm.

To enjoy your adventure with beautiful days, we strongly advise you to book 2-3 days in advance and present 20 minutes before departure for equipment.

To make a reservation,  simply call us at  02 908 400 20 (press 3 then 1) or do it directly from our website on the Contact tab.

Logo snepaOur Park is said Youth and Sports, National Education and accredited member of SNEPA (National Union of Operators Acrobatic Courses).

Try the interactive adventure Adrenaline Challenge!

Défi de laToutr On the place « Oxylane Village Betton », 5km north of Rennes, come for  eco-interactive adventure : Wall Climbing, tree climbing, maze …

The leisure park « Défi Adrénaline » propose four interactive challenges on the theme of sustainable development, from 5 yeras. Try to help the character « EKO » in his quest for the protection of nature.

The first challenge is « Défi de la Tour », climbing wall of 12 meters high from  7 years! Then Lire la suite

Challenge Adventure Park

Challenge Adventure Park